Successful adhesive by vPF is now
certified BY ISEGA

June 2011

Suitable for multifunctional usage – Response to the market

Since 2008, VPF GmbH & Co. KG are successfully offering a high-performance adhesive called HM 347 PERMANENT, which could compete with a variety of other PSA hotmelt products within the market. With the ISEGA certificate for direct contact to dry, moist and greasy foodstuffs like meat and cheese, the manufacturer was now given an additional sales argument. 

The technical specification of HM 347 PERMANENT does speak for itself It offers very good resistance to moisture, high sheer forces and optimum tackiness even on cold surfaces. It is also suitable for coating on nearly all common papers or films and provides excellent running and die-cutting features even on fast operating labeling machines. In addition, sea water resistance according to BS 5609 SectionTwo is given while using an appropriate printing substrate. Therefore, this adhesive is often used for drum labeling purposes. 

Early in 2008, customer requests and obviously risen market demands draw VPF's attention to a gap in supplies in certain fields of application, meant to be filled with a very special product. In co-operation with a raw materials supplier they developed HM 347 PERMANENT as a consequence, whose market introduction was in the middle of 2008. Since then the adhesive became increasingly popular, especially in the areas of foodstuffs, logistic and chemical applications. A considerable proportion of the delivered amount was produced with increased coating grammages of up to 100 g/m2partially providing adhesive-free strips as well.

Demanding small minimum quantities of only 2,000 m2, special adhesive constructions with HM 347 PERMANENT are interesting not only for bulk consumers. Therefore, VPF expects further continuous sales increases of innovative solutions during the next years in the context of this adhesive.

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