VPF Optimises Semi-Permanent Adhesive for
Use in Temperatures of up to 200° Celsius

JanuarY 2012

Acrylic dispersion features very good cohesion properties

In response to market demand, the Sprockhövel-based selfadhesive materials and coatings manufacturer VPF GmbH & Co. KG has once again made targeted improvements to one of the successful adhesive coatings in its extensive portfolio.

The semi-permanent and solvent-free acrylic dispersion known as “semi-permanent 984” can now also be used in the manufacture of products destined for application within a temperature range of 0° to 120° Celsius. The adhesive even withstands temporary rises in temperature of up to 200°C without any loss of bonding, adhesive or shear strength.

With an initial bonding strength of > 5,0 N (FTM 9, on glass), a shear strength of > 100 hours (FTM 8, on steel) and an application temperature of at least +5° Celsius, the optimised acrylic dispersion develops outstanding cohesion properties.

Extensive laboratory tests were conducted before the product was declared ready for serial production. During testing, the VPF developers recorded adhesive strength values of 3.0 N / 25 mm at a contact time of 0 minutes (FTM 1) and > 4.0 N / 25 mm at 20 minutes (FTM 1) as well as > 6.0 N / 25 mm at 24 hours (FTM 1) – in each case using a white PET film and glass.

The use of semi-permanent acrylic dispersions is generally recommended wherever high temperature tolerance and maximum cohesion are required. An application has already been filed for ISEGA certification, which would

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