VPF Safety Materials: Optimum Protection, Top Quality and Low Minimum Order Quantities

oCtober 2013

VPF GmbH & Co. KG has made a name for itself all over Europe as a niche supplier of special self-adhesive materials and coatings. With its latest generation of products, the company has now set new trends in the field of self-adhesive safety materials.

In addition to a total of nine PET films (four with void, three with check and two with diamond effect), VPF has also added a PE split film and a PVC shatter protection film to its portfolio. The products, in thicknesses of between 40 μ and109 μ and optionally available in glossy white, matte while or glossy silver, are suitable for a variety of different applications. In the standard range, they come with a choice of two adhesives: dispersion or UV acrylate.

Given the frequently great sensitivity of the field of application (originality, forgery and tamper resistance) characteristics such as uncompromisingly high standards of quality, easy handling and absolute reliability take top priority. As its special USP, VPF highlights the extremely low minimum order quantities (starting at 200 m2) it accepts for all of its products.

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