history / milestones

1967 Establishment of VPF in Wuppertal (Germany) as an independent coater of self-adhesive materials using solvent-based adhesives
1978 Relocation within Wuppertal and investment in the first coating line for dispersion adhesives
1988 Establishment of a second production site in Sprockhövel – investment in an additional coating line for dispersions
1990 Construction of a new warehouse in Sprockhövel
1991 Relocation of the company administration to the new headquarters in Sprockhövel
1993 Increase in capacity through the addition of a third dispersion coater
2004 Beginning of a consistent focus on non-standard self-adhesive materials based on a modular system with adhesive-free zones, coloured adhesives and other custom specifications, with fast delivery of small minimum order quantities.
2008 Expansion of coating technology through the addition of a coater for hot melt adhesives and UV acrylic hotmelts, plus building up laboratory capabilities
2008 Initial certification of the quality management system according to ISO 9001
2011 Initial certification of the environmental management system according to ISO 14001
2013 UL certification for selected polyester products
2014 Relocation of adhesive formulating operations and centralisation of all coating lines at the headquarters in Sprockhövel
2015 Complete upgrade (retrofit) of the dispersion lines to reflect the latest state of the art
2017 Extension of our Administration Building as well as of our Laboratory and Product Development Capabilities