VPF Doubles Extensive range of inkjet Labelstock

April 2015

Brilliant colour printing with water-based inks

The German company VPF GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of self-adhesive materials and coatings, is expanding its successful and fast-growing range of self-adhesive labelstock for innovative inkjet applications.

In addition to the six paper and PP film inkjet grades already well-established on the European market, VPF is now adding a further six facestocks for inkjet printing to its range. The additional paper facestocks are matt coated papers with a grammage of 70 g (VPF 1393299) and 166 g (VPF 1393563).

The new films include various additions in PP and PET grades. Regarding the PP grades, the portfolio has been augmented by a white matt PP film with a thickness of 90 μ (VPF 60190) and an 80 μm glossy silver PP film (VPF 60265).

Other new additions are PET films for inkjet printing – as an absolute market first for self-adhesive applications or small radiuses – a transparent glossy 50 μ PET film (VPF 70268). VPF also now offers a silver semi-gloss PET film in 70 μ (VPF 70121) which has been specially designed for nameplate applications. Already well-established on the market is the Data PE film 100 μ (VPF 71838) with inkjet coating.

All facestocks are available with standard dispersion acrylates and glassine liners even in small minimum quantities. For special applications and customised solutions, users can choose among 30 different acrylic and hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives.

By adding these new products to its inkjet range, VPF is expanding its innovation leadership in the European market for self-adhesive materials with focus on water-based inkjet printing systems.

Caption: With six new paper and filmic grades VPF is further expanding its leadership position for inkjet labelstock in Europe. 

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