VPF Article Service
• =  LOw
•••• = high
Final Adhesion
• = low
•••• = high
Shear Strenght
• = low
•••• = high
Properties/Applications Product
908 -20°C up  to +80°C •• Suitable for removable paper labels, ISEGA certificate for direct food contact, high UV resistance. As variant 908/10 suitable for adhesive coating of thermal paper. PDF
913 0°C up to +110°C •••• Ultra removable adhesive for filmic labels and application on plastic surfaces. Good UV and heat resistance. PDF
914 0°C up to +80°C •• •• •••• Removable adhesive especially for filmic facestocks. Higher initial tack, also suitable for difficult and apolar surfaces. Good UV and ageing resistance. ISEGA certificate for direct food contact. PDF
987 0°C up to +70°C •• •••• Universally suitable for film and paper facestock, high transparency, very high shear strengths. Suitable for PVC. PDF

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