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CONTRACT COATING with (almost) limitless possibilities

Our customers profit from our broad portfolio, which makes it possible to realise practically all their wishes. Almost any combination of materials and adhesives can be produced. For customer-supplied facestocks, adhesives or release liners, we are happy to perform contract coating of all kinds.

Adhesive-free zones / widths as individually specified more than 25 different specialty adhesivesOn Europallets or non-returnable pallets

Quality, flexibility and customer-orientation are integral to our company philosophy.

Special coating runs: Ready for delivery within a few working daysIn sheets up to 100 x 95 cmSmall minimum order quantities

TECHNICAL DATA / contract coating

Contract coating: Dispersion acrylates, Conventional hotmelts, UV acrylic hotmelts 
Roll width, raw material (unwinding): Standard 1.020 mm (special widths on request)
Coating width / working width: 1.000 mm
Roll cores: 76 mm, 152 mm
Roll diameter on arrival: Maximum 1.000 mm
Roll diameter for delivery: Maximum 800 mm
Narrow roll width: at least 50 mm
Material thicknesses: 12 – 500 µ
Adhesives coating weights: 8–12 g/m2 & 16–25 g/m2 (dispersion), 12–100 g/m2 (hotmelt), 12–50 g/m2 (UV)
Colouring of adhesives: Only possible with dispersion acrylates – black, grey, coloured, luminescent
Adhesive-free stripes: At least 6 mm wide, only in machine direction