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Stand-alone printing systems with water-based and pigment-based inks are becoming more and more widespread. They are typically used either to add imprints flexibly in-house or for rapid production of high-quality labels in small print runs. More and more thermal transfer printing applications are being displaced by high-grade, four-colour and powerful inkjet printing systems. 

VPF is the Europe-wide technology and innovation leader for inkjet self-adhesive materials. Inkjet papers in different grammages, PP films in white, silver and clear, and a variety of PET films with a minimum order quantity of 500 m2 – VPF has put together an extensive standard range for inkjet self-adhesive materials. Non-standard applications with special adhesives and liners can also be realised according to customer request.

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Product overview – Inkjet-Papers and films

VPF Article Description Finishing WEight/Thickness Product
  Inkjet Papers
12324 Laser-/ Inkjet paper, satined Matt 67 g PDF
1393299 Inkjet papier, white Matt 70 g PDF
1393264 Inkjet paper, white Matt 100 g PDF
1393593 Inkjet papier, matt, white Matt 166 g PDF
8093697 Inkjet papier, white Semi-gloss 95 g PDF
8093388  Inkjet paper, white High-gloss 87 g PDF
8093309 Inkjet paper, white High-gloss 95 g PDF
70268 Inkjet PET film, transparent Glossy 50 μ PDF
60373 Inkjet PP film, transparent Glossy 80 μ PDF
70363 Inkjet PET film, white Glossy 80 μ PDF
60275 Inkjet PO film, white   Glossy 80 μ PDF
60185 Inkjet PO film, white   Matt 83 μ PDF
60241 Inkjet special PP film, white   Matt 85 μ PDF
60190 Inkjet PP film, white Matt 90 μ PDF
60374 Inkjet PP film, white Semi-glossy 90 μ PDF
60451 Inkjet PP film, white High-gloss 90 μ PDF
71838 Inkjet Data PE film, white Matt 105 μ PDF
60449 Inkjet special film, silver Glossy 110 μ PDF
71634 Inkjet PE security film, white (splittable) Matt 120 μ PDF

Please understand that we can only give an overview of our most important product variants here.
If you have any further requests, our experts will be glad to help.