VPF security materials and UL self-adhesive materials


Tamper-proofing, anti-counterfeiting security, guaranteed authenticity. With a range of 11 security films, VPF supplies self-adhesive materials for applications aimed at protecting your product. We are sure to have the right solution for your product – void, checkerboard, diamonds, splittable, ultra-destructible; in silver or white, matt, glossy or holographic; made of PET, PVC or PE.

From a minimum quantity of 200 m2, with a working width of 1,000 mm, we can supply the required film materials ready-coated with UV acrylate HM 716 UV for aggressive tack and showing good heat, UV and media resistance. Non-standard applications are tailor-made to your needs with the same high flexibility, fast delivery and trusted VPF quality.


UL / CSA registered self-adhesive components are essential when it comes to exporting electronic components, cables and control cabinets, as well as for many automotive applications in the USA and Canada.

Starting from a minimum quantity of 200 m², VPF offers a specially adapted assortment of UL-registered PET films for a large variety of labelling applications. All four PET films – clear, silver, white matt and white glossy – come coated with our high performance UV acrylate HM 710 UV with an increased coat weight of 25 g/m2 and with a white Glassine B 700-473 liner. All facestocks are excellently suited for thermal transfer printing.

If you have non-standard solutions, we will be happy to help you realise them, including obtaining UL registration.

Product overview – security films & UL

VPF Article Description TC / NTC ­Thickness Product
  Security Films
70541 PET security film, transparent, glossy, VOID TC 40 μ PDF
70529 PET security film, white, glossy, VOID TC 40 μ PDF
70538 PET security film, silver, glossy, CHECKERBOARD TC 40 μ PDF
70880 PET security film, hologram, glossy, VOID TC 43 μ PDF
72704 Acrylate security film, transparent, destructible Good printably 50 μ PDF
72706 Acrylate security film, white, matt, destructible Good printably 50 μ PDF
70110 PET security film, silver, matt, VOID TC 50 μ PDF
5570S PET security film, white, matt, DIAMOND TC 50 μ PDF
5560S PET security film, silver, matt, DIAMOND TC 50 μ PDF
71639 PE security film (splittable) Clay Coated 109 μ PDF
71634 Inkjet PE security film, white, matt (splittable)   Inkjet 120 μ PDF
  UL registered components (always with HM 710 UV, 25 g/m², B700-473 Glassine)
70473 PET film, transparent, glossy Pretreated 50 μ
70232 PET film, white, glossy Pretreated 50 μ PDF
70287 PET film, white, matt TC 55 μ PDF
5560N PET film, silver, matt TC 50 μ PDF

Please understand that we can only give an overview of our most important product variants here.
If you have any further requests, our experts will be glad to help.