VPF – Your expert for tyre-grade self-adhesive materials

tyregrade self-adhesive materials

The interaction between the adhesive and the facestock is nowhere near as crucial in any labelling application as it is for tyres labels.

VPF is your expert for self-adhesive materials for use on tyres. An adhesive that is well-established in the market, our HM 371 F synthetic rubber grade, with adhesive coat weights of between 30 g/m2 and 60 g/m2 adapted to your application, optionally with adhesive-free stripes at the roll edges, liners siliconised on both sides – and all of this in combination with the known and trusted facestocks Data PE, OGR (TE coat) paper, aluminium reverse coated, Thermal Top Films or PP in white glossy. We are your specialist for tyre-specific self-adhesive materials.

Product overview – facestocks for Tyre Applications

VPF Article Description Finishing Grammage/
  Tyre label facestock
20119 OGR Paper (TE-Coat), machine coated, oil and grease resistant Matt 90 g PDF
1470638 Thermal paper, top-coated Matt   75 g PDF
4470165 Thermal paper, top-coated, laminated with 7990 PET 23 μ Matt 100 μ PDF
5060803 Paper-laminated aluminium foil, reverse coated on aluminium side  Semi-glossy 82 g PDF
60189 PP film white, with barrier Glossy 60 μ PDF
71095 Data PE film, white  Matt 95 μ PDF

Please understand that we can only give an overview of our most important product variants here.
If you have any further requests, our experts will be glad to help.