Packaging – VPF 71914 Inkjet PE film 100 my high-gloss
The new flexible inkjet PE film (VPF 71914) is particularly suitable for application on narrow radii.



Sprockhövel, October 2019

VPF, the specialist for adhesive materials and leading provider of adhesive materials for water-based Inkjet printing, is expanding its product portfolio by a new high-gloss Inkjet PE material. For the first time, high-quality glossy Inkjet film solutions comprising PE, PP and PET are also available much like the commonly known range of films in conventional printing methods.

The newly developed Inkjet PE material, bearing the identification VPF 71914, has a white high-gloss finish and is provided with a 100 µ premium coating for fast drying, durable Inkjet printing. Users can implement many new label solutions which otherwise were not possible with the currently available, often inflexible Inkjet PP and PET films.

The Inkjet PE material has been developed especially for application on narrow radii. Internal tests carried out on vials, syringes and ampoules have yielded excellent round label characteristics, so also on cosmetic product packaging systems and e-liquid containers. The material is typically prepped with the permanent adhesive 958. This dispersion acrylate-based adhesive has been around in the market for years and in use in numerous applications which require high adhesive force together with high cohesion.

Individual label solutions thanks to modular system

The material is particularly suitable for end users for whom varietal integrity of their packaging system is highly crucial. By using the new film VPF 71914, Inkjet label solutions with assured varietal integrity can be implemented excellently for PE bottles and containers. It is available right now in low minimum volumes of 1,000 m² with the adhesive 958 and white Glassine B700-473, 63 g. On request, also other adhesive and liner combinations can be supplied, for which the flexible and ever dependable VPF modular system can be used.

The new Inkjet PE film expands the range of VPF Inkjet adhesive materials which, meanwhile, include more than 30 paper and film materials. This legitimizes the manufacturer’s market position as a leading provider of Inkjet adhesive materials for water-based Inkjet printing.

About VPF

Since 1967, VPF has been supporting and shaping the European market for self-adhesive materials and coatings as an idea generator, partner and problem solver. Expertise and a strong focus on customer and market needs are the foundations on which the company develops innovative solutions. With state-of-the-art production facilities, dedication and flexibility, VPF turns these solutions into quality products for paper and film applications of all kinds.

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